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What is Tonal Chiropractic?

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Tonal chiropractic,-defined:

First starting with the word “tone” which is “the expression of vibratory frequencies through matter and space.”
In relation to the spinal cord which is just a physical extension of the brain, changes in the tension of the spinal cord alter tone.
Because the substance of the spinal cord and brain are the finest, most stretchable matter it is not able to support itself and is literally suspended within the meningeal system which in turn is suspended within the movable bony structure of the vertebral column and cranium.
Movement and changes in postural positioning alter tension and tone of the spinal cord and brain.
The system is designed to enjoy constant or frequent changing within a wide range of motion.
Spinal subluxation reduces the ranges of motion and full postural positioning thus reducing the potential of tonal expression. To the degree that subluxation is not released , reduces adaptability, performance and creative expression.
So then my current definition is:
“Tonal chiropractic is a larger model of evaluating the entire Neurospinal system as a dynamic global system and facilitating it to re-initiate the process of self adjusting, correcting and returning to wholeness (healing) .”
Original definition by
Marvin Talsky, DC