Healthy Tips for a Healthy Spine

The following tips can help you take better care of your spine:

  1. Make sure you have a firm mattress that keeps the spine aligned and supports the spine’s natural curve. The best sleeping positions are on your back or side.
  2. When standing for extended periods, rest one foot on a small stool to maintain spinal curvature and relieve pressure. The knees should be bent when bending forward. Low heel, soft sole shoes may help by maintaining spinal curvatures and cushioning your weight.
  3. Use chairs that promote good posture and support your back. Using an inflatable unstable cushion on the seat helps your muscles support your spine: Readjust the seat of your car so that your knees are level with your hips. Move and change position often.
  4. When bending forward, bend at the knees and hips, but keep your back straight. This will help to keep your spine’s curvature in proper alignment. When lifting, keep your spine straight while putting one foot close to the load, using your legs to do most of the work. Hold the objects being lifted close to your body.

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