“Tonal Chiropractic”: an Alternative to What?

Who should I consult for this health problem/pain? Should I consult a tonal chiropractor or M.D. or acupuncturist or homeopath or physical therapist or nutritionist or…etc., etc.? Tonal chiropractic is not a substitute or alternative for any other practice and no other practice eliminates the need for tonal chiropractic. Tonal chiropractic needs are entirely separate and unique, and, if you have them, no matter how much you exercise, no matter how good your diet, no matter if you reduce your stress, no matter how good your acupuncture or homeopathy is, you still need tonal chiropractic care. Even old-fashioned chiropractic care, if needed, still doesn’t take care of tonal chiropractic needs.

So what is tonal chiropractic? Tonal chiropractic addresses spinal cord tension more than spinal pressure. Spinal cord tensions always involve the entire spinal system from the tailbone to and including the cranial bones. Spinal nerve pressure, addressed by more traditional chiropractors, involves separate localized areas of the spine. Dr. Marvin Talsky, after 25 years of chiropractic practice learned, observed and verified with other chiropractors that over 90% of chiropractic problems involve abnormal spinal cord tension more than nerve pressure. Therefore, what has become evident is, the need for tonal chiropractic care remains no matter what other health needs are being treated. Rather than being an alternative, Tonal Chiropractic is a complementary approach to enhance healing or therapy practices.

It is vital to know that the body is never in a static state; health is not a static state of being. Each of us is either in the process of healing and developmental growth or in the process of developing health problems and/or disease. It is our belief, through our years of practice and experience, that , we don’t have to accept most chronic ailments and disabilities as a normal part of aging.

Although many health problems improve with tonal chiropractic care, the purpose of this care is to facilitate normalizing of nerve system function, freeing the body to adapt more, recover more, and to increase performance capabilities in work, athletics and the arts. So then the choice is yours. Do nothing until symptoms develop that interfere with your life. The other option is to take this opportunity- to pro-actively enhance your healing and immune functions and increase your performance capabilities now. This is exactly what many people have been looking for. We encourage you to come for care.

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