Tonal Chiropractic

Simply put, Tonal Chiropractic is a generic term referring to an expanded and more encompassing perspective of chiropractic analysis and application. It takes its descriptive name from tone, here defined as “the expression of vibratory frequencies through matter”. Applied to the spinal cord; “tension alters tone”, i.e., spinal subluxations tend to increase tension. As tension is increased, the range of vibratory frequencies that can be expressed is decreased. So tonal chiropractic considers spinal cord tension over spinal cord pressure.

Tone was first described in chiropractic by D.D. Palmer who discovered and founded chiropractic. Spinal cord tension was described and distinguished from spinal cord pressure by R.W. Stephenson, D.C. in the “Chiropractic Text Book”, first published in 1927.

Tonal chiropractic approaches use a more vitalistic, physiological and moment-to-moment analysis over the more mechanically based, often x-ray dependent analysis. The adjustments tend to be low force, more facilitating and empowering to the patient/practice member in a tonal approach. The corrective and healing process tends to continue on an on-going basis rather than reaching a point of maintenance.

Historically, “Logan Basic” seems to be the first systematized chiropractic technique to introduce tonal application approaches. Then, “Toftness” technique developed the first entirely tonal approach. Lowell Ward, D.C. elaborately described the anatomical and physiological considerations of tonal chiropractic in his book, “Spinal Stressology”. More recently, Donald Epstein, D.C. expanded upon the application of tonal chiropractic with his Network Chiropractic, now Network Spinal Analysis. I co-founded Torque Release Technique with Jay Holder, D.C. Dr. Holder invented the Integrator hand held adjusting instrument and Marvin Talsky, D.C. developed and structured the Torque Release Model and technique.
Since then, Steve Hoffman, D.C. applied the principles and protocol of T.R.T. to develop MC2, a true vitalistic and tonal application of upper cervical technique; and Sue Brown, D.C. developed Bio Geometric Integration chiropractic.

Torque Release Technique represented the evolutionary development of my clinical practice in 1995 after 30 years of continuous full time practice. It was derived from applying more of chiropractic philosophical principles to the application with major contributions from Van Rumpt’s Directional Non Force Technique, Logan Basic Technique and Epstein’s Network Chiropractic with additional contributions from Toftness Technique, Thompson’s Terminal Point Technique, DeJarnett’s Sacro Occipital Technique and Pierce, Stillwagon technique.

Talsky Tonal Chiropractic (TTC) is the “Next Generation”, built on the basic structure I developed for Torque Release Technique but expanded with deeper, more complete explanations, with newer discoveries and more refined technique applications. TTC enhances and empowers the individual D.C. to bring personal experiences and gifts to the tonal model.

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