Two Different Models of Healing

There are two (2) basic approaches or models to healing today.

First, the current prevailing model is based on the study of symptomatic effects and resulting diseases and how to diagnose and treat them, either with the practice of allopathic medicine or the many more natural alternative approaches. This is the reactive model.

The second approach to healing and health is newer and rapidly growing. It is the non-symptom, pro-active model toward healing, wellness and fitness. Instead of reacting to symptoms, you actively do things that enhance your natural healing, immune functions and your fitness.

Proactive Healing Ideas:

  • Routinely eating more nutritious whole foods and reducing your intake of refined, fatty and processed foods
  • Quitting or reducing your intake of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and caffeine
  • Doing a temporary cleansing, detoxification program with nutritional supplements-support once or twice per year
  • Regularly exercising to increase core muscle strength and balance
  • Wearing better, more supportive shoes with spinal, pelvic stabilizing orthotics
  • Including some daily stress-reducing practice
  • Progressively reducing damaging physical stress and interference to the function of your nervous system with tonal chiropractic care

Now these two (2) approaches are not alternatives; they are complementary. We all need all the non-symptom, pro-active healing and fitness approaches. Many of us also need reactive treatment of symptoms and diseases. We tonal chiropractors recommend the pro-active model but support both models.

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