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I attended the Talsky Tonal Seminar in July of 2017 with other Life University Students. Dr. Talsky’s approach to tonal chiropractic ignited something in me and I’m ready to dive head first into tonal chiropractic. His philosophy was mind blowing, and he speaks so much truth in what chiropractic was founded on. As a student,
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from Mackenzie Hoy

Since I first began twice weekly chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Talsky in 1990, I have not experienced any back pains, spasms, of head, neck, hips, or limitations for my 81 years. I climb up ladders, shovel snow lightly, chop branches and prune shrubs daily, swim, walk, no vacuuming! The care and expertise I have been
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from Barbara von Molnar

The entire weekend with Dr. Talsky was absolutely fantastic. As a student who attends a less philosophically based school, it was an incredible and unique experience to be immersed in such strong philosophy. I enjoyed each and every moment. Dr. Talsky is an absolute wealth of knowledge and history. He helps us return to our
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from Chiropractic On Purpose

My experience with Dr. Marv over the years has been that of complete release and relaxation. When I come to the office, I am usually rushed and agitated. When I leave, I feel like a new person, always. Thanks for the years of care.

from Savita Jachim

Dr. Talsky is an incredible chiropractor. Adjustments are given with so much love and care, and he does not ever stray from the present moment. I feel so fortunate to have him as a chiropractic mentor.

from Kennedy Cullen (DC student)

I really enjoyed the congruency with the principles of chiropractic, and the idea of breaking patterns. I had never heard the concept of never following the exact same routine twice, but I think it is GOLD! Love your teaching concepts and style.  THANK YOU!

from Daniel Hawkins, DC

This opened and grew my awareness greatly.  I appreciate you, Dr. Talsky! Thank you for the hard work, effort, and energy you’ve put into this profession and physical world.

from Jesse Leith (DC student)

Continuing to always learn and grow. Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom with us!

from Allycia Parker, DC

Great second [for me] seminar. I learned so much more this time around.

from Ken Wilson, DC

This seminar is unlike I’ve ever been to — yet. In my opinion, it IS what chiropractic seminars should be. So much more to chiropractic than pain, yet that’s the focus other techniques take — which misses the basis of chiropractic. I ended up at your seminar not by chance, this is where I was
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from Cathie Hengel Borud, DC

I look forward to continuing my chiropractic journey with you as a mentor and teacher, truly.

from Andy Hawkins (DC student)

You’re always welcome to join us in MN. Would love you to join LIV Chiropractic and the Global Mission.

from Scott Hawkins, DC

I attended my first Talsky Tonal seminar on 27 April 2018. The technique is new to me however was confident that there will be a takeaway to build my DC student skill set. Dr. Talsky did not disappoint and his seminar kept the entire student body engaged. In fact, I attend multiple technique seminars every
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from Steven Tavernaro (DC student)

I had the honor of listening to, learning from, and sharing space with Dr. Marvin Talsky in April, 2018 at LIV Chiropractic for a seminar. This seminar should be required for every DC student and every DC that exists. Talsky Tonal Chiropractic engages you with The Creator energy that we, as chiropractors, know heals the
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from Jesse Leith (DC student)

Dr. Marvin Talsky has radically deepened my understanding of tonal chiropractic. Experiencing his work both in his office and during his seminar (twice) has given me a framework to practice with a “less is more” mentality when serving patients. He has taught me new ways to approach a person with a non-linear mindset to serve
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from Dyllon Mawn (DC student)

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