from Barbara von Molnar

Since I first began twice weekly chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Talsky in 1990, I have not experienced any back pains, spasms, of head, neck, hips, or limitations for my 81 years. I climb up ladders, shovel snow lightly, chop branches and prune shrubs daily, swim, walk, no vacuuming!

The care and expertise I have been getting from these regular comfortable releases of any tightness or aches gives me the reassurance that I can do so many things and partake in activities that previously I thought would be too demanding and tiring for me. His knowledge and ongoing reevaluation of his techniques, through his research, and workshops and client care put him in the forefront of new and creative methods in the field of chiropractic. I appreciate his careful attention to my individual needs and concerns, as he frees me to expand my own physical world with greater confidence. It all feels so rejuvenating!!

Thanks Dr. Talsky!

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