from Dyllon Mawn (DC student)

Dr. Marvin Talsky has radically deepened my understanding of tonal chiropractic. Experiencing his work both in his office and during his seminar (twice) has given me a framework to practice with a “less is more” mentality when serving patients. He has taught me new ways to approach a person with a non-linear mindset to serve in present-time consciousness. I have noticed bigger results with more lasting impact since practicing in this way.

Dr. Marvin’s wisdom in the spiritual aspects of life and chiropractic has taught me the language to use to educate and inspire people about the potential a chiropractic adjustmenthas. He has become one of my biggest influences and an incredible mentor. He truly LOVES creating chiropractic leaders and gives his all when he teaches. I recommend every DC and DC student to learn from Dr. Marvin, one of the chiropractic GIANTS who is still with us!

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