from Mackenzie Hoy

I attended the Talsky Tonal Seminar in July of 2017 with other Life University Students. Dr. Talsky’s approach to tonal chiropractic ignited something in me and I’m ready to dive head first into tonal chiropractic. His philosophy was mind blowing, and he speaks so much truth in what chiropractic was founded on. As a student, It can be easy to get addicted to the cracking of bones and not loving the nervous system like all chiropractic should be. Dr. Talsky presented the material to us in an easy-to-learn manner and empowered us to learn. I loved experiencing the tonal adjustment every day of the seminar and getting to practice on the very last day. I would highly recommend this seminar to any DC or student, there’s so many things you could take away from it.

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