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Our bodies are naturally strong, but are subjected to constant force. Even the most minor impact, overuse, or twist can cause the joints of the body to come out of place, particularly in the back. Dr. Marvin Talsky, of Talsky Tonal Chiropractic, performs tonal chiropractic services in Northfield, IL, to relieve the problems this can cause.

What Is Tonal Chiropractic Care?

Tonal chiropractic care is a refined and gentle style of performing adjustments that allows for greater precision. 

For example, the vertebrae stack perfectly upon one another in the spinal column. But home and auto accidents, poor lifting practices, and work-related injuries often lead to the vertebrae becoming misaligned and requiring manual adjustments to put back into place. 

A traditional chiropractic adjustment may lead to the doctor forcing the vertebrae into place with strong thrusts, which may lead to other discomforts. Tonal chiropractic care uses a more gentle touch and gets the puzzle pieces to fit into place without such force.

Can Tonal Chiropractic Care Help With Other Issues?

Yes. Our office offers services to help with a variety of health problems.


When the head is launched in two directions, the ball-and-chain effect it has on the neck leads to muscle strain and/or tearing. Tonal chiropractic adjustments will place any misaligned vertebrae back into the proper place, relieving pinches and helping the neck muscles. Chiropractic massage will help improve circulation and recovery of the soft tissue injuries. 


Tonal chiropractic exercises can help the body by releasing pressure on the nervous system through properly realigning the affected joints. 

Sciatica And Other Nerves

Sciatica is the most common nerve pinch, causing pain that can go down the back of the leg all the way to the foot. Tonal adjustments can allow for the pinched nerve to experience relief, removing the source of the pain. 

If you have any questions about whether or not tonal chiropractic care may benefit you, call 847-828-4108 to schedule a consultation with Talsky Tonal Chiropractic so that Dr. Marvin Talsky and his team can help you begin your path to wellness.

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